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A playful, thought-provoking, and touchless activation

People are naturally drawn to their own image.

EngageMany is a fun, augmented reality experience that stops attendees in their tracks as they consider your messages – lingering long enough for booth staff to start deeper conversations. It’s a traffic builder that drives social media by generating creative branded imagery that attendees will want to receive and share.

EngageMany presents a question that invites the attendee to consider their own knowledge, feelings, or challenges. A thought balloon appears over their head with messages that get a smile as they realize the exhibitor has something to offer. The AR experience can be enhanced with video, animation, and motion graphics.

It also delivers proof of its own effectiveness by collecting performance metrics like impressions, traffic patterns, and dwell time for post event reporting.

EngageMany Diagram
Engagemany Example on Phone

EngageMany™ is fun, but also provides valuable metrics

See EngageMany™ in action

EngageMany Video

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EngageMany is easy to customize with your messaging and creative

EngageMany demo 1
EngageMany demo 2
EngageMany demo 3
Sample EngageMany experience
Sample EngageMany experience
Sample EngageMany experience

Provides everything you need for a great experience

  • Customizable header, balloon, video and animated graphics
  • Messages can change for each attendee
  • Pictures of each attendee can automatically be captured
  • Pictures can be emailed, printed or used as branded social media content
  • Screen can instantly switch to display your marketing graphic
Example EnageMany Display

How does EngageMany work?

How EngageMany Works 1
How EngageMany Works 2
How EngageMany Works 3

What our clients say about EngageMany

EngageMany testimonial 1
EngageMany testimonial 2
EngageMany testimonial 3
EngageMany testimonial 4

How do I get it?

EngageMany can be easily deployed at your next event. Our team can provide a complete solution or you can do it yourself, whatever fits your situation.

Turnkey Solution

We take care of everything

  • Project management
  • Creative development
  • Custom branding
  • Equipment rental
  • On site setup & support
  • Staff training
  • Post event analysis

DIY Solution

Your team, our technology

  • Use our web app for event setup
  • Use our iPhone app to run the event
  • Your team provides equipment
  • Your team stages and runs the event
  • Our web app provides images and metrics

Download the demo app

Are you ready for the extra visitor traffic?

Attendees will stop and look at your messages, what you do with them is up to you.

Sample EngageMany experience
Sample EngageMany experience
Sample EngageMany experience
Sample EngageMany experience
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